MultiPro dance floor - Timber Sprung Floor

Portable Sprung Floor

PortaPro Series is a portable area-elastic sprung dance floor system, based on 22mm solid hardwood 8-strip or multi-strip panels, laid floating in a brick pattern on an existing subfloor, or on levelled concrete.

The panels connect to each other on all sides through a unique flexi-lock system. Total construction height including an underlay of 12mm plywood and 10mm foam and is 44mm.

The performance of this floor features good shock absorbency and resilience, and stability under foot, designed for multi-purpose usage with focus on dancing, dance, active movement and fitness. Tested over 15mm Sports foam, it conforms fully to EN 14904, Class A3.

Composition of Floor System
PortaPro Series
PortaPro Gallery

Floor panels
22mm panels, made as a solid 8-strip or multi-strip hardwood panel.

Panel sizes: 1/1: 550x2180mm, 1/2: 550x1090mm

Wood types: Hevea Maple and Oak.

Grades: Premium and Select.

Surface: Matt lacquer (standard factory lacquer) and semi-gloss.

Flexi-lock system
Each panel has 3 flexi-lock connections where metal clips (male) are locked into durable nylon pads (female).

Elastic underlay
The pre-fitted sports foam is special, durable, open-cell bonded foam, providing resilience and long term performance of the floor system. Density: 75kgs/m3. Thickness: 10mm (over concrete) on sub-floors with build-in elasticity.

Moisture barrier
Min. 0.20 mm PE-folio, on concrete. (Not illustrated on drawing)

Concrete or existing floors, levelled to a deviation of max.± 2mm on a 2m straight edge.

Test methodsEN standardsResults*
Shock absorption [%]EN 14904:200650
Standard deviation [mm]EN 14904:20062.1
Ball rebound [%]EN 12335:200499
Rolling load [N]EN 1569>1500
FrictionEN 13036-480 – 90
 Other Tests 
FrictionDIN 180320.41
Loading capacityEN 15335.0 kN
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