MultiPro dance floor - Timber Sprung Floor

MultiPro dance floor – Timber Sprung Floor

MultiPro Series is an area-elastic sprung floor, based on 22mm solid hardwood 2-strip parquet boards, nailed to a resilient 1-layer batten system. It can be installed floating on levelled concrete or wooden based sub-floors. Total construction height incl. floor board is 52mm.

The performance of this floor features medium shock absorbency and resilience combined with ultimate stability under foot. Designed for multi-purpose use with focus on dancing, active movements, and gymnastics. Tested and conforms fully to EN 14904, Class A3.

The battens feature built-in progressive shock absorbency through its double grooved profile, securing resilience at both low and heavy dynamic impacts.

Composition of Floor System

Floor boards
22 x 130 x 2180mm solid 2-strip parquet boards with secret nails onto battens according to a specified 10-board measurement and board pattern.

Wood types: Hevea, Maple and Oak.

Grades: Premium/Select

Surface: Matt lacquer (standard factory lacquer) and semi-gloss

2.2 x 45mm machine nails

Batten System
Batten profile in Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) of pine in 20x48x 3600mm, continuously supported by 10x48mm elastic foam strips, glued to a double grooved batten underside.

Batten distance (standard): c/c 363.3mm (Maple) c/c 311.4mm (Hevea/Oak)

Moisture barrier
Min. 0.20 mm PE-folio (on concrete)

Concrete, alternatively existing wooden sub-floor, levelled to a minimum deviation of max. ± 2mm on a 2m straight edge.

Test methodsEN standardsResults*
Shock absorption [%]EN 14904:200653
Standard deviation [mm]EN 14904:20062.0
Ball rebound [%]EN 12335:200498
Rolling load [N]EN 1569>1500
FrictionEN 13036-480 – 90
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