Genuine Timber
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Teak Parquet, Black or White Dance Floor

Genuine Timber

Premium Teak Parquet, Black or White dance floor offering, Finished in Polyurethane, for durability under the elements and rigours of dancing, whether that’s dancing in high heels or flats, these surfaces have stood the test of time, time again. Polyurethane produces the hardest, most durable finish in the wood-finishing industry, it is heat, chemical, water, fungus and mildew resistant in addition to being wear and tear and scratch resistant. Polyurethane also supplies a lustrous finish that deepens the colour of the wood. A supremely easy product to keep clean and maintain, of which will also inherently extend the portable dance floor’s life cycle, and come as bliss to those whom are charged with this responsibility.

Easy to Assemble

Easy to Assmbl

Simple speedy Integrated Locking Mechanism, operated by the twist of an Allen key, need not rely on magnets and other gimmicks.

Transportation & Storage

Our trolley system is designed to hold up to 25 panels and edges. It makes your Whole floor extremely portable, and compact for storage.

  • 500kg Loading Capacity
  • Sizes: 1200 x 1100 x 1200mm
  • Weights: 45kg
  • Equipped with 4 Heavy-Duty Castors
Transportation & Storage

Dancefloor’s Featherlight Technology

Dancefloor's Featherlight Technology

Installation is a breeze thanks to our portable dance floor’s intelligent design, these lightweight Decks can be easily assembled together much faster than previous models and other systems of which can be laborious from the start by being overweight and even oversized. Once you’ve brought your Dancefloor Decks to your chosen location, simply line the Decks up, insert Tongue into Groove profiles, lock off the Deck profiles with the twist of the provided Allen Key for security, finally apply the Dancefloor Aluminium Edging to the perimeter, lock these off in the same way as the Decks and voila, your awesome dance floor is complete and ready for action.


Size(cm) Weight
Modular Dance Floor Panel 100 × 100 18 kg
Edge 100 × 12 4 kg
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