Sprung Subfloor, Shock Absorption Underlay

FlexiPro Series – Ballet, Sprung Dance Floor

FlexiPro Series is a high performance area elastic sprung floor, installed floating on levelled concrete or wooden sub-floors. Total height construction is 30mm for vinyl surface, or 35mm for timber surface.

The resilience of the floor system is secured through an elastic FlexiPro base floor, where continuous rubber strips in two thicknesses, placed in grooves on its back and feature progressive shock absorbency executed by low intensity impacts, from children for example.

The sports functional characteristics feature high shock absorbency and resilience combined with great stability under foot, ideal for multi-purpose use with a focus on dancing, active movement, and gymnastics, tested and conforms fully to EN 14904, Class A4.

A built-in deformation control secures ultimate loading capacity to the floor.

Composition of Floor System

Dance Surfaces
14mm TIMBER ( or Engineered Timber ) floor boards glued, or stapled onto elastic floor base. 4.2mm VINYL surface taped or glued onto elastic floor base.

FlexiPro Sprung Base
Area elastic sprung floor of 21x470x1800mm birch ply sheets, supported by continuous elastic EvaZote rubber strips in 10mm thickness, recessed/ glued into grooves on the panel’s underside. Special tongue/groove profiles along all 4 sides of the panels secure fast and safe. The connections are made by gluing the panels into one floating area.

Sub floor height is: 26mm.

The base floor complies with EN 14904.

Moisture barrier
0.20 mm PE-folio (on concrete), laid with 200mm overlaps and taped joints.

Concrete, alternatively existing floor, levelled to a maximum deviation of ± 2 mm on a 2 meter straight-edge.

Test methodsEN standardsResults*
Shock absorption [%]EN 14904:200660
Standard deviation [mm] 2.8
Ball rebound [%]EN 12335:200496
Rolling load [N]EN 1569>1500
FrictionEN 13036-495
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