Sprung Subfloor, Shock Absorption Underlay

Sprung Subfloor, Shock Absorption Underlay

When installing a fully sprung floor is not achievable, and you don’t want to compromise the safety of your floor, adding a shock absorption underlay could be your best solution.

Our ElastPro Series is a high performance suspendedsubfloor system, installed floating on levelled concrete or wooden sub-floors. Total height construction is 20mm.

This system has been cleverly engineered with the most advanced technology for high performance and added safety. More than 250 shock-absorbing feet are built-in underneath each square metre, to greatly reduce vertical impact on joints and limbs.

Our ElastPro can be installed as either a permanent or temporary solution, subject to your requirements. Installation is straightforward via the ‘Snap Together’ interlocking mechanisms, requiring no glue or nails. Most users will be able to install this system on their own.

Both dance vinyl and timber floor can be laid over our ElastPro subfloor.

Size:300mm x 300mm x 20mm
Shock absorption:35%
Vertical Deformation:0.5mm
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