Our Flexi-Roll Cheerleading Floors are manufactured to the highest standard in the industry. Our floor mat features Closed-cell Cross-linked Polyethylene foam, bonded to durable Carpet to create the ultimate tumbling surface. Two or more mats can be connected together by using the built-in Velcro strip to make a larger area.

QUALITY CONSTRUCTION – Our Flexi-Roll are built to last, using only quality materials and construction. The carpet combines softness for comfort with enhanced durability and traction, and the premium polyethylene foam provides long-lasting performance.

QUICK SETUP – The built in flex rolling system makes it easy & quick to roll each mat out for use and then roll it back up when finished for convenient storage. It is so easy even a single person can set up or take down an entire cheer floor in minutes!

SAFETY – The cushioning of the mats is designed to reduce the stress on joints from tumbling and jumping, also to absorb the impact of a fall so that injuries are held to a minimum,

UNRIVALED VALUE – Our Flexi-Roll delivers quality mats at prices that can’t be beat. That’s Quality and Value, rolled into one!

Our Flexi-Roll Mats is best suited to the following: Cheerleading, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Sports & Entertainment Centres, or anywhere where you’re not able to lay mats down permanently

Thickness: 35mm
Size: 12.8m x 1.83m
Colour: Blue, Black, Grey, Purple & Custom Made
StudioPro Series
StudioPro Series
StudioPro Series
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